Here you can find the best 6 most trusted and legit  online jobs where you can earn $200 -$300 every month from your home without investment.

In this article I have listed 6 free and most legitimate and trusted online jobs. These companies have been online for more than 2 years and and some of the sites are new but have been paying on time to its members without any major issue.

All these sites are free to join and very easy to work with and you can earn a decent amount of money form these sites. All you have to do is sign up with these sites and work regularly and start earning some extra cash for your daily needs.

If you have  been searching for a legitimate ways of earning money online without investments, then you are at the right place to find some legitimate and trusted online jobs which does not require you to invest anything out of your pocket, it does requires your effort and time.

There are many people like you who are looking for legitimate  ways of earning money online because they need some extra cash to fulfill their requirements beside their regular jobs.

Few years earlier online jobs was only popular in most western countries, but now online jobs are becoming very popular all over the world and the power of internet offers great opportunities to people from all around the globe to earn some extra money online from home without investment.

But finding the right online job is difficult, but here at online web jobs I am providing you with valuable information about various online jobs and  selecting  genuine ones is my top priority. Many people are already making a decent amount of Rs 10000 – Rs 15000 every month from these online jobs.


You too can start making money right from the day one. There are various types of online jobs are available on the internet where you can earn and make decent amount of money every month. You don’t have to pay anything out of your pocket or invest any money, but the only thing you are going to need is effort and hard work you are willing to put into it.

All these jobs listed here are suitable for everyone whether you are student, professional or beginners and doesn’t require any special skills. So, whether you are looking for online jobs or you want to make some extra money during your leisure time or if  you are looking for secondary  source of income beside your normal 9-5 job.

So now, it is your time to earn some money online right from the comfort of your home.

Here, in this article I am going to tell you about  the 6 top free genuine and trusted online jobs through which you can make some extra money very easily from your home and without investment.

6 Most trusted online jobs from home with no investment

Here I have listed the 6 best online jobs that you can work from home and does not require investment. So, please take your time read about them in detail so that it will be helpful to you when you start to work on these jobs.

1.Making money from Clixsense
2. Earn money from PTC sites
3.Earn bitcoins from pc or mobile
4. Earn from online surveys
5. Earn from completing tasks and offers
6. Making money from traffic exchanges
1. Making money from clixsense

Clixsense is one of my favorite and it is one of the most trusted online job.There are lots of work available and there is so much variety at Clixsense.  Clixsense is a global online community where people from different parts of the world can join and earn some cash online.

Clixsense was officially launched on February 2007 and Steven Grisky was the owner of Clixsense at  that time. But later on May 2010, it was sold to Jim Grago and since that Jim is operating it.Ithas been online since 2007 and has become one of the best place for online income seekers.

Payment received from Clixsense

Besides making money from Clixsense, you can even play games and compete against other members and fun. The site has more than 6 million registered members from all around the globe. Everyday more than thousands of people join Clixsense.Click here to read about Clixsense in deatail. Click the banner below to join clixsense.

2. Earn money from PTC sites

I think earning money from PTC sites has to be the easiest way of making money online from home.

A PTC is a paid to click site which means that you get paid for viewing advertisements.These sites work as a mediator between the advertisers and viewers. There is no need of high skills just you should know how to surf the web.Many advertisers are willing to pay you for watching their ads.

If you want to work with the PTC sites, it is compulsory for you to create an account with each of the PTC sites. You have to be a member to watch ads.Then you have to click and watch the ads for few seconds ( usually 5-60 seconds).

If you work  for 5-10 minutes on each of these sites you can easily make some good money every month.

I have listed the most trusted PTC sites where you can join for free and watch ads on a daily basis and earn some extra money from your home.

Click here for the list of most trusted PTC sites
3. Earn bitcoins from PC or mobile

Bitcoin is a payment system introduced in 2009 by developer Satoshi Nakamoto. Bitcoin is often called the first crypto currency. With bitcoins you can buy almost anything from buying flight tickets, electronics, pay for groceries etc.

Bitcoin is the most popular and widely used digital currency in the world.

But, bitcoin is not the only digital currency in the world there are many digital currencies like ethereum, litecoin, peercoin, dashcoin, dogecoin etc. But Bitcoin is the most popular and most expensive amongst all digital currency.

Bitcoins can be used as a payment method to buy products and services and it can be exchanged for fiat currency currency. Bitcoins are traded in stock exchanges, it can be used to buy stocks, commodities etc.

You can earn bitcoins for free on the internet from your mobile or computer. To start making money from bitcoins you have create a bitcoin wallet where you can save your bitcoins and use it.If you want to earn bitcoins for free you need join various bitcoin faucets and earn bitcoins for free.

Bitcoin faucets are a reward system, in the form of a website or app, that gives away free bitcoins in the form of a satoshi, for visitors to claim in exchange for completing a captcha.

Rewards are given at predetermined intervals of time. some faucets allow you to claim every 5 minutes while some allow to claim every hour. You can easily make $5 -$10  in bitcoins everyday solving captcha from your mobile or PC. If you can refer to enough people then you could be earning more absolutely without any investment.

Check here for best and trusted bitcoin faucets
4. Earn from online surveys

Online paid surveys are one of the easiest and best online jobs from home.It has never been so easier to make money online just by sharing your opinions.

It is one of the simplest way to make some extra money on the internet without investment. We share our thought online on social media, but do we get paid for them?

Survey companies provides you free online surveys where they connect people like us with companies and businesses that want real and direct feedback on their products and services.

You can easily participate in the online surveys and make around $2 – $5 for completing each surveys.


But before you can participate in the online surveys you need to create an account with the survey companies. Signing process is quick and easy and all you have to do is complete  your profile survey like your name, email, age, gender etc.

Once you have completed your profile survey, you will start to receive survey invites right to your email or you can login to your account to participate in online surveys.

Check here best online survey companies
5. Earn from completing tasks and offers

Earning money from completing various tasks and offers is another type of online jobs which does not require any investment and you could be easing making $100 – $200 every month doing such online jobs.

There are numerous ways you can earn from such online jobs like completing simple tasks, reading emails, watching videos, completing surveys, playing games etc.

You have to become a member in order to earn from such sites and registration is absolutely free. There are a quite a number of such sites are available but I have selected only the trusted ones  You can sign up on these sites and make a decent income every month.

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6. Making money from traffic exchanges

A traffic exchange is a website where visitors exchange traffic for their website/blog or referral link/affiliate link. Traffic exchanges works the same way as paid to click sites does where you need to visit a website for about 15-30 seconds and click the button to earn credits for your visit.

There are thousands of traffic exchanges on the internet but here I have selected the best traffic exchanges. If you want to make  good money from the internet you will need referrals for the different programs.

Traffic exchanges are the best way of promoting your affiliate link and it dose not cost you any money. If you work regularly on the traffic exchanges you could making good money every month plus you will be promoting your affiliate link for free.

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