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Revenuehits is an advertising network which is owned and operated by Intango Ltd – a privately held Israeli company founded in 2008 which is running successfully over these years. Revenuehits  is one of the best alternative for Google Adsense. Advertisements provided by Revenuehits are based on contextual and geo targeted. With Revenuehits, publishers can monetize various online assets including websites, add-ons, mobile sites, widgets, toolbars and much more. Revenuehits is also good for those publishers which gets receives low traffic. It is also good for new publishers who want to monetize their sites and make some money.

Revenuehits offers various banner sizes. They offer different types of ad placement such as banners, popup ads, shadow box ads etc, and even mobile ads. They also offer one of the  highest CPA rates. CPC simply means cost per action. Some advertisement networks offers CPC ( Cost Per Click ) but Revenuehits instead of paying for CPC , they pays for CPA. That means you will get paid when visitors takes a reuired action. The action can be  as simple as sign up, email submission, purchasing or anything.

Signing up with Revenuehits is very easy and it does not require any approval. You can immediately place Revenuehits ads on your site after signing up. No need to wait for days to get approved.

The minimum payment threshold is $20 for PayPal and Payoneer. They even support wire transfer as a payment method and the minimum threshold for wire transfer is    $500

Steps for placing Revenuehits ads on your site 

1. After completing the sign up process you need to login to your Revenuehits account.

2. Click on New Placement

3. Select Desktop placement or Mobile placement

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Desktop placement

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Mobile Placement


4. Select the type of placement you want to put on your site eg, banner ads, shadow ads, popup ads etc.

5. The next step is to customize your ad type and click on save.

6.Next step is preview your ad and get your code

7. Final step is to copy the code and put it on your site.

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