In the previous post related to adsense alternatives we talked about Chitika. In this post we will talk about bidvertiser which is one of the alternatives for adsense. In case you have been banned by adsense or if you are looking for advertising networks other than adsense then bidvertiser could be the alternative for you.

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 What is Bidvertiser?
Bidvertiser is an online advertising network founded in 2003, which is a division of Bpath Ltd. Bidvertiser offers bid per click where publishers  have the ability to sell their ad space automatically to the highest bidder on a pay per click basis, where price is effected by the quality and popularity of a website.
Monetizing your blog or website with Bidvertiser’s publisher program is fast and easy way to earn money. Bidvertiser pays for every valid clicks on the ads on your website or blog and it also pays for conversion generated from those clicks which makes it different from other online advertising networks.

How do I Sign up with Bidvertiser?

To get started, all you have to do is to complete the sign up form and submit it.
Bidvertiser will send you an activation code to your registered email account. You have  to open the email and copy the activation code and paste it in the form. Once you have completed the sign up process and created your account you can easily create an ad and place the ad code on to your site.

You simply need to copy and paste the code in to your Web pages or blog at the location where you want the ads to be displayed. You can place more than one ad on each page of your liking.

Ad Formats

Bidvertiser offers two type of ad formats : banners and pop unders/sliders

  • Medium Rectangle ( 300×250 )
  • Large Rectangle ( 336×280 )
  • Full Banner ( 468×60 )
  • Leaderboard ( 728×90 )
  • Wide Skyscraper ( 160×600 )
  • Skyscraper ( 120×600 )
How much you can earn?

It is totally determined by how much advertisers have bid for your site. You will see a constant improvement in earnings over time as both visitors and advertisers will be extended to the opportunity of bidding against each other on your ad space. In addition to that you will also receive extra payment for conversions which is one of the best thing for publishers.

Payment methods

Bidvertiser pays on a monthly basis i,e earnings for the current month will be paid out in the next month. The minimum payout threshold is 10$ via PayPal and 100$ via check. You can withdraw your earnings via PayPal  but you must have a minimum of 10$ in your account. If you have not met the minimum payment threshold then your earnings will be carried forward into the next month and paid out once you have accumulated 10$ or more. Similarly if you have chosen to withdraw your earnings via Check then you must accumulate a minimum of 100$ in your Bidvertiser account. If your account balance is not 100$ at the end of the current month, your earnings will be carried forward into the next month and paid out once you have earned 100$ or more.

Pros and cons of Bidvertiser
  1. Easy approval system: publishers does not need to wait for days to get approved
  2. Legitimate ad network which has been around since 2003
  3. Minimum 10$ payment threshold which you can withdraw via PayPal
  4. Supports almost all countries.
  1. It takes some time to see improvement in your earnings since advertiser bid against each other.
  2. Does not provide relevant ads.

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