Many of you are looking for Clixsense review and want to know whether Clixsense is scam or legit. In this article I am going to give you clear  and honest review of Clixsense in detail.

Clixsense is an online rewards website for those looking to earn extra money from all over the world.  ClixSense  has become an industry leader in providing an easy way for its members to earn extra money from multiple sources.

Clixsense was officially launched on February 2007 as a paid to click site where members can earn money by viewing ads. Steven Grisky was the first owner of Clixsense. But later in the year May 2010, Steven sold the site to Jim Grago and since then, Jim is operating it.

What is Clixsense?

Clixsense is a very popular GPT website where you can earn money by completing surveys, offers and online tasks. Clixsense has succeeded in making the site very popular among all GPT sites.

Clixsense has more than 6 million members from all over the world. It is a one stop shop for all your earning needs.

There is so much variety at Clixsense and there are lot of good games at Clixsense  where members can play and compete against each other.

Clixsense was first started as paid to click site, and with the passage of time, Clixsense added so many other features like surveys, offers, tasks, but later, in July 2017 of this year Clixsense discontinued with the PTC model.

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Is Clixsense available to all  countries?

Clixsense is available to almost all the countries in the world. However, Clixsense is restricted to few countries like Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Albania, Antarctica, North Korea, Cuba, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Niger. If you belong to any of this country you cannot create an account with Clixsense.

Does it cost to join Clixsense?

NO. Clixsense is absolutely free to join. You don’t have to pay any kind of fees to sign up with Clixsense.

How do I  create an account with Clixsense?

It is very easy to create an account with Clixsense. All you have to do is click on this Sign up link and fill up the form. After submitting the  sign up form you will receive validation link in your email.

You need to open the email click the link to validate your Clixsense account. Then you need to login to your account with your username and password and complete other details of your profile.

Proof of Payment received from Clixsense

Here is a proof of payment that I received from Clixsense recently. Clixsense is paying their members on time as per their terms. You can see below the screenshot.

Payment proof

Let’s talk about  the various ways of earning money from Clixsense:

1. Earn from completing surveys in Clixsense

Clixsense offers some of the highest paid online surveys. Surveys are a great way to boost your income at Clixsense. Most of the popular and big survey companies like Toluna, Global Test Market, Opinion World have partnered with Clixsense and offers some of the highest paid online surveys. Check here for the list of best survey companies.

But before you can participate in the Clixsense surveys you have to join Clixsense and complete your survey profile. Click here to join Clixsense from this special link.

After signing up you will receive validation link in your email. You need to click the link to validate your Clixsense account. Then you need to login to your account with your username and password and complete other details of your profile. Then you need to click on the surveys button.

When you click on the Surveys button you will be taken to Surveys page. As you can see in the image below, you need to click on the survey profile button right after the History & Support button  and complete your profile survey.

clixsense surveys


Profile surveys are nothing but information related to your profile like your age, gender, lifestyle your hobbies etc. Don’t forget to complete your profile surveys so that you will have a greater chances of being selected for highest paid and specific surveys.

Once you have completed your profile survey you will start to receive a lot of surveys every day. You just need to login to your account and click on the surveys button and check out all the available surveys one by one.

For completing a single survey you will receive about $0.60 – $3 on successful completion. From time to time you will also receive survey invites to your email. You just need to open the email and click on the survey link to participate.

Daily survey Routers

Apart from participating in all available surveys you may also attempt to complete surveys from the survey routers unlimited times every day.

Some survey routers will allow you to complete only one survey per day, while some routers will allow you to complete multiple surveys throughout the day. But it is highly recommended to try them multiple times, at different hours everyday.

How each survey starts?

Each survey starts with a questionnaire and options are provided with each question, you simply have to select the option which applies to you and continue with the survey and if you complete the survey you will be rewarded for doing so.

You will need to click on the each survey button and click on start to  begin answering the survey.

When you finish completing the survey you need to click yes if you complete the survey successfully and click NO if you did not qualify for the survey. Remember to do this for each and every survey you participate.

2. Earn from completing different  offers

Offers are another way of making money from Clixsnse. Clixsense offers  are hosted by third party companies who are willing to pay you for trying their product or service.  Clixsense has partnered with major offerwall providers like Trial Pay, Ad gate, Wannaads, Kiwi Wall etc.

There are total of 11 different Offerwall providers. You can earn from completing different offers like downloading apps on your phone, signing up for a website, watching videos, playing games and more. It  is always your choice which offers you choose to take part in.

You just need to make sure you understand the specific rules and requirements of each offer before taking part. You just need to login every day and check out the offers button.

3. Earn from Completing tasks

At Clixsense you can also earn money from completing tasks. A task or micro job is simply a set of instructions that you follow, and get paid for it. Tasks or micro jobs usually takes around 60 seconds to few minutes pays you after successful completion.

Clixsense tasks are hosted by Crowdflower, which is a third party, a crowd sourcing platform and you can also complete crowdflower tasks on various sites, but Clixsense pays more for completing them than any other sites. You can earn some extra money from completing tasks at Clixsense.

Most tasks can be completed multiple/unlimited times while others may be limited to a certain number of completes, a message will display on the screen to explain this. Many Clixsense members are already making around $10 – $20 daily or even more from completing Crowdflower tasks at Clixsense.

There is also a weekly bonus of $100 in total for the top ten task contestants. Beside the weekly bonus you will also receive a bonus of $5 when you complete tasks worth $50 and this bonus will be paid each time you complete tasks worth $50.

The amount you can make is up to you. Each task can pay you between a few cents to several dollars per completion. The higher paying tasks of course require more work on your part. But you should follow the instruction carefully before you start working on tasks.

Once you have completed a task you are instantly paid for that task and the funds are added to your ClixSense account balance.

4. Affiliate Program

Clixsense’s affiliate program has an excellent opportunity for everyone. If you can refer enough people then you can make huge money from Clixsense. You can earn commissions from your referrals when they  complete surveys and tasks and offers.

So, if you can refer many people, you can earn more money from Clixsense and there is no limit on the number of referrals.This is where the true power of the ClixSense affiliate program comes into play. Each time your referral completes a survey, offers and taks you are instantly paid a generous 20% commission.

5. Clixaddon toolbar bonus

The Clixsense Clixaddon can be installed on your browser. Clixaddon displays a tiny button at the top right of your browser  and and flashes when new ads, surveys, and tasks are available.

The Clixaddon is completely harmless to your computer. It does not slow down or cause crashes at all. For using Clixaddon at least for 1 hour every day you will receive 2% bonus on your current earnings for that particular day. Clicking on the clixaddon button displays a summary of your Clixsense Account.

This includes the number of surveys and tasks available for you. It also gives a quick overview of your account status. It also notifies you of new surveys and tasks. The information displayed on clixaddon is updated every 20 seconds so you get all the new surveys and tasks. Clixaddon toolbar is available for Chrome and Firefox browsers.

6. Daily Checklist Bonus

Apart from your regular earnings, you can get an extra bonus if you complete all of items on Daily Checklist. There’s is an even Activity bonus for completing the checklist regularly.

So, if you complete the Daily Checklist continually for three days you will receive the activity bonus on the third day. For completing the Daily Checklist bonus and Activity bonus,you will receive a generous bonus of 16%

How to withdraw your earnings from Clixsense?

To request a withdraw from Clixsense you have to earn  minimum of $10 then, click on the link “Cashout” that will be made available on your account summary page next to your account balance. This link will only be available once you have reached the minimum cashout amount.

Payment method

Clixsense is currently paying without delay . Clixsense offers five ways to quickly and easily transfer your earnings through   Paytoo, Neteller , Payza, Tango card, Skrill and Payoneer

Checks are  available to US  and Canada members only. I am personally using Payoneer to withdraw my earnings from Clixsense. If you use this Payoneer sign up link  to create an account with Payoneer, we both will receive $25 bonus when you receive and withdraw $1000 in total.

Is Clixsense Scam?

No, Clixsense is definitely not a scam. There are hardly any complaints against Clixsense. They have never cheated anyone.

Is Clixsense legit and Paying?

Clixsense is definitely a legitimate site because it has been online since 2007. The site has been paying its members for the last 10 years without any major issues.

The site has more than 6 million members and have already paid million of dollars. Clixsense can be called legit because it has been running successfully and paying for the last 10 years.

Can you trust Clixsense?

Yes, you can trust Clixsense without a doubt. I have been a member of Clixsense for the past 2 years and I have never faced any serious problems. Many members are already earning a decent amount of $100 – $200 every month from Clixsense. You can see the screenshots of earnings of some of the members of Clixsense.

Final verdict

Clixsense is undoubtedly one of the most trusted and popular site where you can work and make money online without investment. It is one of the most popular GPT site in the world.

There are hardly any complaints against Clixsense. Many members are already making a decent income every month. Clixsense has done all the hard work to compete against its competitors and make the site more profitable to its users.

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