If you want to make some good money with the ptc sites you need referrals and one of best way to get referrals is by promoting your referral link. when people sign up on ptc sites via your referral link you also earn money on the money they make.

So one of the best ways to promote your referral link is at traffic exchange sites.

What is a traffic exchange?

A traffic exchange is a website where visitors exchange traffic for their website/blog or referral link/affiliate link.  Traffic exchanges works the same way as ptc site does where you receive credit for viewing a web page or visiting a website. Traffic exchanges are the best way for promoting a affiliate link or a new website or blog.

So here I selected the best and the busiest traffic exchange in the world. The site has more than million members from worldwide.


Easyhits4u is one of the best and trusted traffic exchange website. Easyhits4u was registered in 2003 and has been paying its members as per their terms.

Easyhits4u provides 1:1 traffic exchange platform which means for visiting one web page you will receive one visitor credit.You can use these credits to promote your referral link or website/blog.

There is no limit to free visits you can receive per day. In addition to visitor credits you will also receive $0.30 for surfing 1000 web pages.

Easyhits4u referral program has an excellent opportunity for everyone. There is no limit to their referral program. You can refer as many people as you can to join Easyhits4u. Its an excellent opportunity for everyone who can build a huge downline and make a decent income.

They have 5 level tier affiliate program 10%, 5%, 3%, 2%, 1%. So, when you refer others to join Easyhits4u and when they join , they become your direct referral and you receive 15% of credits earned by your direct referral.

When your direct referral refers others to join Easyhits4u and when they join you receive 5% of credits earned by people referred by direct referral and so on through 5 tiers.

Apart from receiving credits from your referrals you will also receive $0.10 from your direct referrals when they join and surf 100 or more pages for the first time. Its only one time cash bonus that you will receive from your all direct referrals.

While surfing web pages you will also receive guaranteed prizes like free credits, banner impressions, text ad impressions, surf drawing tickets etc. You will receive guaranteed prizes after surfing 25 web pages, 50 web pages, 75 web pages and so on.

You can even convert the amount earned in to visitor credits, text ad impressions, banner impressions or premium membership for days depending on the amount you have in your account or even you can keep them and request for your payment when you reach minimum cash out.

Minimum cash out is $3 and it is fixed.

Cashout :- Paypal

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The Best Traffic Exchange