Neobux is one of the leading paid to click site in the PTC industry. But does that mean it is one of the best PTC site to make money online ?

Here is my honest Neobux Review, where you can get all your questions answered like:

Is Neobux Scam ? Is Neobux Legit ? Can you really make huge money from rental referrals? Is it worth working on Neobux?

Before ,Clixsense was the leading paid to click site in the PTC business, but in July 2017, Clixsense discontinued with the PTC model and focused more on surveys, offerwalls and Crowdflower tasks. Since, then Neobux has become one of the leading paid to click site because it is one of the best site to advertise referral link of other PTC site and for other online programs.It works like a charm for the advertisers since Neobux has millions of registered members from all over the world.

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What is Neobux?

Neobux is one of the most popular ‘paid to click’ site where members can earn money by viewing advertisements. Neobux was founded in the year 2008 by Fernando. Since, 2008 the site has been online and paid millions to its members. It is currently the biggest PTC site with millions of registered members.

Is Neobux free to join?

Yes, Neobux is absolutely free to join. It is a free worldwide service available in multi lanuage. You don’t need to pay anything to start earning at Neobux.

Can I join Neobux?

Anybody can join Neobux and start working.

How do I sign up for an account with Neobux?

You can Sign up with Neobux from here.It is very easy to create an account with Neobux . You just need to fill up the sign up form and after submitting the sign up form you will receive an email containing a code. You need to copy the code and paste it in the box provided and you are ready to make money with Neobux.

How are you going to be paid?

Neobux, currently sends payment via 3 payment processors. They are Payza, Neteller and Skrill.You can choose any of these payment processors and get paid instantly or within 48 hours.

How can I make money from Neobux?

There are several ways of making money from Neobux. Let’s discuss each of them in detail:

1. Earn from viewing advertisements:

One of the easy way of making money from Neobux is by viewing ads. It is very easy to view ads at Neobux. You just need to click on the advertisements displayed and view it somewhere between 5-60 seconds depending upon the type of ads. After viewing the ad, you will be credited with a predetermined amount of money as specified in the ad. You can earn between $0.001 – $0.02 for each ad you click. The amount of money you can earn per click depends on the type of membership you have and the type of advertisement. You can check out from the given table below

2. Adprize:

When you view ads at Neobux, for each ad you click, you will receive 4 Adprize points. You can use these points for winning prizes like $50 cash or Golden Membership worth $90 in value or winning more Neopoints. Neopoints can be used to buy different membership or recycle rental referrals which I will explain in the later part of my review.

3.Earn from completing offers

Offfers have been divided in Coins and Mini jobs:

a) Coins:

Coins are another way of making money from Neobux. Coins can be converted in to real money as soon as you enough coins, you can conert them and will be added to your main balance. Neobux offers  are hosted by third party companies who are willing to pay you for trying their product or service.  Similar to Clixsense, Neobux has partnered with major offerwall providers like Trial Pay, Revenue Universe, Woobi, Kiwi Wall, Offertoro etc.

There are total of 8 different Offerwall providers. You can earn from completing different offers like downloading apps on your phone, signing up for a website, watching videos, playing games and more. It  is always your choice which offers you choose to take part in.

You just need to make sure you understand the specific rules and requirements of each offer before taking part. You just need to login every day and check out the offers button.

Also Coin offers will grant you a referral commission from your direct referrals’ offers. You’ll get an amount of Coins equal to 20% of the amount each of your direct referrals earns. For example, if your direct referral earns 20,000 Coins you’ll get 4,000 Coins. The amount of Coins you can earn from commissions is unlimited but certain rules are applied.

Surveys are also included as part of the coin offers. You just need to take part in the surveys and after successful completion you will get paid for it.

b) Mini jobs:

All Mini Jobs at Neobux are presented by CrowdFlower which is a crowdsourcing platform, offering you the chance to make money for participating in simple Mini Jobs. The available Mini Jobs are easy to do assignments and the more you work, the higher your reward will be. Most tasks can be completed multiple/unlimited times while others may be limited to a certain number of completes, a message will display on the screen to explain this. Many members are already making around $10 – $20 daily or even more from completing Crowdflower tasks at Neobux.

The concept is as simple as get a Mini Job done and get paid instantly in your main balance. To get access to the available Mini Jobs you only need to use the “Offers” button, select “Mini Jobs” and choose any that seems interesting to you. The amount you will be paid for each task and an estimation of how many tasks are available for each Mini Job will be displayed always left of the Mini Job’s description. There is also a 18% bonus for each $1 you earn with mini jobs.

4.Earn  while playing games:

Yes, you read it right you can earn while playing games at Neobux. They have introduced not 1 but many games where members can play and have fun and at the same make money from playing games. There is a variety of games and there is something for everybody from word games, puzzles, arcades etc.The games are in the beta phase, so the more you play, the more it will be rewarding for the members when they launch it officially.

5. Affiliate program:
a) Direct referrals:

Direct referrals are the ones who registers under your username. Neobux does not allow you to have unlimited referrals as a Standard member. In order to get direct referrals as a Standard member, you have to met certain conditions like, you have to be a member of Neobux for at least 15 days and must have clicked 100 ads. You can earn commission from your direct referrals whenever they view ads, completes offers, mini jobs and even when they make purchese.

b) Rented referrals:

Rented referrals are the ones who registers for an account directly under Neobux. They are the people who registers without any referrer. At Neobux you can rent referrals for a monthly period of 30 days and earn commissions whenever they click on ads. You can only earn commissions from their clicks and not from any survey or offer completed by your rental referrals.

Now let’s talk about the Good and Bad sides of Neobux:

Good sides of Neobux:

Free to join:

Neobux is absolutely free to join. You don’t have to pay a single penny out of your pocket in order to start working on Neobux. You don’t have to buy any membership or invest any money in order to cashout your earnings.

Instant Payment:

Neobux is one of those PTC sites which sends out payment almost instantly or within 48 hours of the payment request being made. The minimum payout withdraw for the first time is $2, it increases by $1 each time each time you request for a withdraw, until it reaches $10 where it remain fixed for all future withdrawls.

Long Standing in PTC Business:

Neobux was launched in the year March 2008, since then it has been online and has completed 9 years in PTC business. It has been paying on time to its members without major issues. It is one of those PTC sites which has completed so many years in PTC business and still standing strong despite so many difficulties.

Good advertising  platform:

Neobux is one of those few sites where you can advertise and get good results. It is one  of the best PTC site where you can advertise your referral link of other paid to click sites or other money making program because, it has millions of registered members who are interested in finding out new ways of making money online.

Several earning options:

Neobux offers not only one but several earning options for the members and viewing ads is one such option. Apart from watching ads, you can also earn money by taking part in surveys, completing simple offers and from completing mini jobs. Many members are already earning a decent income every month from all these options at Neobux.


Neobux is one of those sites which gives you 1 free points for every single ad you view. You can use these points to extend or recycle your rented referrals. You can also use these points to upgrade your membership.


Apart from watching ads and getting 1 free point, you are also given 4 adprize points for clicking on every ad . You can use these points for winning  Neopoints or cash prizes which are added to your main balance or Golden membership which is worth $90 in value.

Bad sides of Neobux:
 Limit on the number of direct referrals:

Neobux does not allow you to have unlimited referrals as a Standard member. There is a limit on the number of direct referrals you can have. In order to get direct referrals as a Standard member, you have to met certain conditions like, you have to be a member of Neobux for at least 15 days and must have clicked 100 ads. If you want to have unlimited direct referrals then you have to upgrade to Ultimate membership which costs $890 and lasts for one year which is very expensive.

Expensive membership upgrades:

Neobux offers different types membership. When someone joins Neobux  he automatically becomes a Standard member and it is completely free. The site offers additional benefits to is upgraded members. If you want to enjoy the additional benefits then you are required to upgrade your membership. Upgrading starts with $90 and it goes as high as  $890 which is very much expensive. There is also no guarantee whether you can even recover your membership costs.

Strict forum rules:

Neobux has strict forum rules for the members. You are not allowed to discuss or comment anything negative or bad about Neobux in their forum. If they find any member posting negative things about Neobux, they will ban that member from their forum or even suspend his account without notice. You must read their Terms of Service before you post anything.

Conditions to watch 4 orange ads:

In order to earn commissions  from your referrals be it direct or rental, you must watch 4 orange ads every day at server time. If any day you miss to watch those 4 orange ads you will not get any commission from your referrals .Neobux is very strict about this condition and it applies to every member,

Can you really get rich with Rental Referrals?

The answer is NO. If you are still thinking of getting rich with Rental Referrals, just as many people like you think in the beginning then please continue to read this part.

Neobux has a feature called Rental Referrals where any member can rent  referrals for a given period of 30 days and earn commissions whenever these referrals click on ads. Neobux claims that these referrals were either registered without any referrer or were direct referrals sold to them. Neobux also claims that these referrals are also real humans and not bots, but who knows whether they are bots or real humans.

Neobux has complete control over these Rental Referrals and you get commission only when they click on ads, so it is also not clear to members whether these referrals click or not, Neobux can easily manipulate with their clicks. When you will start to rent referrals in the beginning, you may get some profit, but as soon as you start to rent more referrals you will find that your referrals are not active, they do not click on ads,  and you start to lose money. At that time if you think to invest more on rental referrals, you start to lose more money. More than 95% members lose  their money on Neobux with rental referrals and very few members make profit from renting referrals.

I personally lost money form rental referrals in the beginning because of inactive rental referrals. Many times, I have tried to make some profit from rental referrals and have used  many strategies to handle them, but in the end I did not make any profit, instead I could not even recover the money invested on rental referrals.

I have lost most  of the Neopoints, that I have got from watching ads I used them for managing the rental referrals like, using points for recycling the inactive referrals or extending the active ones. But after  doing everything I did not make any profit. Many new members start to rent referrals whenever they have enough  balance  in their account to rent referrals for the first time. They put all the money on rental referrals, they have made through viewing ads and from completing tasks, hoping to make profit from them, instead they lose all the money, they leave the site feeling disappointed and it is one of the reason  for referrals being inactive.

My Final Take on Neobux :

Neobux cannot be called Scam, because it has been online since 2008, and it has completed nine years in PTC business. It is one of those few PTC sites which has completed so many years and still standing strong despite facing many difficulties. Neobux can be called Legit, since it is paying to all its members almost instantly as per their terms without any difficulty. You can join Neobux, as a free member and earn money from watching ads, doing surveys and completing tasks. You can definitely give a try and find out how Neobux works for you.  But, if you want to rent referrals or upgrade membership, then do it at your own risk.  But you can definitely join as a free member and take advantage of the several earning option provided at Neobux. You can also try to recruit direct referrals which will help you to increase your income.

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