Bitcoin faucets are one of the best place for collecting bitcoins for free simply solving captcha .You can check out the list of top 50  best and trusted bitcoin faucets where you can easily collect some coins for free without investing anything. All the faucets listed here are free to use. You can also claim from your mobile, tablet and PC.

In order to claim from faucets linked with faucethub, you need to first create an account with faucethub. Click here to create a faucethub account and link your wallet address of bitcoin, litecoin, dogecoin etc.

As on 16 February 2018 while i am updating the list the price of 1 bitcoin is $9790 and it is all set to reach the new landmarks and as a result other altcoins  are also making progress along with Bitcoin. So, here I have also added few altcoins like Litecoin, Dogecoin, Bitcoin Cash and Dashcoin faucets. You can  easily collect some altcoins from joining the list and convert it to bitcoin on exchanging sites like changelly or Shapeshift or you can keep it your wallet.

       Faucet List Updated on February 2018


Faucet NameReward Timer Payout
Payout TypeClaim Now
Freebitcoin27-274336460 mins30000DirectCLAIM NOW
Bitfun153 mins10000DirectCLAIM NOW
Moondashcoin20-100020 mins10000DirectCLAIM NOW
Moonbitcoin20-1005 mins10000DirectCLAIM NOW
Btcforeveryone3540 minsNo minimumFaucethubCLAIM NOW
Dailyfreebits2060 minsNo minimumFaucethubCLAIM NOW
Bonusbitcoin15-500015 mins10000DirectCLAIM NOW
Btc4clicks12-405 mins10000DirectCLAIM NOW
Freedogecoin11-3030 minsNo minimumFaucethubCLAIM NOW
QoinproFree coins dailyNo need to ClaimNo minimumDirectCLAIM NOW
Sunmoonbitcoin15-5015 minsNo minimumFaucethubCLAIM NOW
Onewayfaucet15-5015 minsInstantFaucethubCLAIM NOW
Btc4free15-405 minsNo minimumFaucethubCLAIM NOW
Forumcoin5-2005 mins25000Direct & XapoCLAIM NOW
Trustbtcfaucet5-8885 mins15000DirectCLAIM NOW
Coinwhip15-305 minsNo minimumFaucethubCLAIM NOW
Btcsmile10-205 minsNo minimumFaucethubCLAIM NOW
Timeforbitcoin20-305 mins20000FaucethubCLAIM NOW
Starbits15-305 minsInstantFaucethubCLAIM NOW
Moondogecoin0.34-25 mins100 dogecoinsDirectCLAIM NOW
Luckybtc0.60-12750260 minsInstantFaucethubCLAIM NOW
ChronoX15-305 mins20000FaucethubCLAIM NOW
Eobot69-10024 hours200000DirectCLAIM NOW
Coindice15-3015 minsInstantFaucethubCLAIM NOW
Swingbtc15-305 minsInstantFaucethubCLAIM NOW
Goodfaucet203 minsInstantFaucethubCLAIM NOW
Bitgolden20-305 minsInstantFaucethubCLAIM NOW
Goldenfreesatoshi203 minsInstantFaucethubCLAIM NOW
Fanbit15-202 minsInstantFaucethubCLAIM NOW
Moonlitecoin500-30005 mins500000 litoshiDirectCLAIM NOW
Bigbtcwin15-1005 minsInstantFaucethubCLAIM NOW
Worldofbitcoin25-305 minsNo minimumFaucethubCLAIM NOW
Bituniverse10-205 minsNo minimumFaucethubCLAIM NOW
Fautsy10-505 minsInstantFaucethubCLAIM NOW
Getyourbitcoin20-405 minsNo minimumFaucethubCLAIM NOW
Dogeforfree1.50 dogecoins5 minsInstantFaucethubCLAIM NOW
Welovefaucets25-505 minsNo minimumFaucethubCLAIM NOW
Galaxybitcoin25-505 minsNo minimumFaucethubCLAIM NOW
Bitcoinmummy155 mins13000FaucethubCLAIM NOW
Forumcoin125 litoshi15 minsInstantFaucethubCLAIM NOW
Mybitco155 minsNo minimumFaucethubCLAIM NOW
Queenfaucet165 minsInstantFaucethubCLAIM NOW
Mellowads1000-1000024 hrsAd CreditAdvertising creditCLAIM NOW
Swissadspaysfaucet35-1700060 mins80000Direct & FaucethubCLAIM NOW
Gobits10-505 minsNo minimumFaucethubCLAIM NOW
Sunbtc125 mins20000Faucethub & FaucetsystemCLAIM NOW
Mybithouse5060 mins100000DirectCLAIM NOW
Tiempocondios10-30015 mins300XapoCLAIM NOW
Xapcom3060 mins300XapoCLAIM NOW
Forumcoindash40 dash60 minsInstantfaucethubCLAIM NOW

If you are new to bitcoin and have no idea what bitcoin is and how it works, you can Check this page by clicking here