Faucets are one of the best place to collect some digital currencies/ cryptocurrencies  for free of cost. You don’t have to pay a penny out of your pocket. All you have to do is solve a captcha and claim altcoins like dogecoin, litecoin, dashcoin etc for free. If you are looking for best bitcoin faucets then click here for best bitcoin faucets

Why 2018 is the high time to collect altcoins ?

    • Back in 2016 the price of 1 Bitcoin was only 1000$ but now it is about 11000$. Since, Bitcoin has become very expensive and Bitcoin faucets only give about 20-25 satoshi for every claim.
    • It is high time to collect altcoins, since altcoin faucets are are giving high amount of coins for every claim.
    • The prices of altcoins like dogecoin, litecoin, dashcoin, ethereum, bitcoin cash, have also gone up.
    • Back in 2017 the price of 1000 dogecoin was only 0.14$ but now it is trading at 6.50$ for 1000 dogecoins.
    • Many experts have also predicted that altcoin prices will also increase with the rise in Bitcoin price.
    • Litecoin is expected to reach 300$ by the end of 2018
    • BitcoinCash is expected to reach 2000$ by end of July, 2018.
    • Dogecoin is expected to reach the 10$ mark per 1000 dogecoin.
    • Dashcoin is currently trading at 640$ and it is expected to reach 1000$ by the end of 2018
    • All the faucets listed here are free to use

Here is the list of Top Paying Altcoin Faucets

Faucet Reward TimerClaim
Moon dashcoin40-100 dash5 minsClaim
Moon dogecoin0.04-0.08 doge5 minsClaim
Moon litecoin185-300 litoshi5 minsClaim
Moon Cash50-100 satoshi5 minsClaim
Free dogecoin0.12-202500 doge60 minsClaim
Swissads ethereum51-52000 ether60 minsClaim
Konstantinova litecoin250 litoshi5 minsClaim
Xfaucet litecoin250 litoshi5 minsClaim
Getfreecoin bitcoincash25 satoshi5 minsClaim
Xfaucet dashcoin50 dash5 minsClaim
Konstantinova bitcoin cash20 satoshi5 minsClaim
Xfaucet dogecoin0.06 doge5 minsClaim
Forumcoin litecoin110-250 litoshi1 minClaim
Forumcoin dashcoin30-65 dash1 minClaim
Forumcoin gogecoin0.035-008 doge1 minClaim
Forumcoin bitcoincash16-36 satoshi1 minClaim
Forumcoin blackcoin45000-95000 blackoshi5 minsClaim
Forumcoin ethereum24-54 ether1 minClaim
Getfreecoin blackcoin120000 blackoshi10 minsClaim
Harena litecoin250 litoshi5 minsClaim

Swissadspays ethereum payment proof